Understanding the Divorce Law With a Family Lawyer

If you are preparing for a divorce in Phoenix, it is important to understand the process. There are many important agreements that you will need to reach, including custody of your children and the distribution of your assets. The services of a Phoenix family lawyer are invaluable, as they will be able to guide you through the legal process and explain any potential complications.

While you are working with your Phoenix family lawyer to finalize your divorce, you may want to consider using a mediation service. This is a less expensive alternative to having a judge decide your divorce, and it can be a useful tool in minimizing emotional strain on both parties. However, not every divorce will be a good fit for mediation, and you will need to weigh your options accordingly.

If your situation requires a visitation plan that is complicated, or you have an unruly noncustodial parent, hiring a Phoenix visitation attorney is the way to go. A Phoenix visitation lawyer can help you make sure that your child has a healthy relationship with both parents, and that all legal documentation is in order.

In Arizona, there are a number of different ways to prove a financial change that could lead to a modification of your spousal support or child support. Some of the most common financial changes include loss of a job, a reduction in income, or a significant increase in spending on children. An experienced Phoenix divorce lawyer can explain how these financial changes affect your case.

Another interesting area of law is spousal support, or alimony. The definition of alimony is very specific in Arizona, but it is typically a financial arrangement where a former spouse pays money to a current spouse to help them in their current situation. Whether or not you are eligible for alimony depends on a variety of factors, but one thing is for certain: you need an experienced divorce lawyer to find out if you qualify.

As you might expect, the alimony senario is a little more complicated than the one used in a typical divorce. Your spousal support agreement should cover your monthly payments, but it also includes your marital debts, retirement accounts, and other property. Depending on your situation, your spousal support might be capped or it might be based on a percentage of your gross income.

It is not uncommon for couples to remain legally separated for years or even decades. Many couples eventually end up divorced, but in the meantime, they can continue to live as a single family.

One example of a change in circumstances that could result in a spousal support modification is if your ex is in jail for a crime. You may be able to get an emergency spousal support change if your ex has abused your child or neglected them in some other way.

Getting a spousal support modification can be difficult, but your Phoenix family lawyer can help you through the process.